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Hybrid PhoneGap/ Cordova e-commerce

We are providing with this e-commerce to sell your products to a mass audience from any part of the globe.

IG Downloader

We are giving you the IG downloader app to download posts and stories from Instagram using this app. This app

Insta Filter Sticker

It is a web-based application for insta filters which provides you access to various Instagram filters for your photos and

Instagram Clone PHP Mass

This is the clone website of the social media app Instagram which allows you to post your photos and meet

Jump Over Game

The game aims to survive in the arena by jumping over the sharp blades and knives, which move around the

Karenderia mobile app customer ordering version

This is a food booking app which gives you the option to book food from various. This app shows multiple

Keyboard Android

Keyboard android is a virtual keyboard app. It features Google Search, including web results and predictive answers, easy searching and

Khatabook Clone

The Khatabook app has a free ‘Payment Reminders’ feature. With this feature, an automatic SMS is sent to your customers

Kontakt 119

This is a social media app which gives you the platform to meet your friends and strangers. We are providing

Live Apple TV

It is the IOS application which allows you to watch movies, tv shows and web series online. This app will

Live Cricket Score

Minnions Tech is providing you with the live cricket score app. This is a web-based application through which you can

Live TV and soccer news

Minnions tech is providing you with the live tv and soccer news app. It will keep you updated about soccer