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Fb Password Hacker

We are giving you the Fb password hacker. It helps you hack the Facebook password of any account you want

File Share Site Making

Minnions Tech is providing you with a file-sharing site which helps to share files online. This is a web-based application


This is the app which allows you to put on a torch on your mobile phone to get the light

Flipkart Clone

Flipkart is a multivendor e-commerce website which gives dealers a platform to sell their products and grow their business online.

Flix App

Flix App Movies TV Series, Live TV Channels, TV Cast system which runs under the Android platform that is used

Food Karenderia

This is a food booking app which gives you the option to book food from various. This app shows multiple

Fortin true/false quiz

This is the game where you have to guess whether the statement is true or false. This is a web-based

Fruit Market

It is a web-based application which allows you to book fresh fruits at your doorstep. This application will help you

Funny Camera

The Funny camera app allows you to click pictures of your phone with funny faces. This app helps you to

Funny Face

Funny Face App is an easy-to-use and very interesting application, it helps you create your own funny videos with your


Minnions Tech is providing you with an app which helps people to watch movies and tv shows online. Hotstar is

Hug Me App

Hug me app is a virtual app which helps you to give entertainment. This app is the same as cat